Tired Bones

Lots of exams to mark, bad sleep, sore eyes, blog neglect and discussing special relativity in relation to star trek and the Large Hadron Collider. My week in a nutshell. The discussion was fun, maybe I’ll have to write up a post on the mind boggling-ness of time when I have time.

I picked up a Splendour camping ticket in the repercharge today, which is cool, because I was wondering where I was going to sleep for the 3 nights… I can relax a little now that’s sorted! I wasn’t looking forward to slinking around sidestreets with a blanket, dodging police trying to move me on.

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2 thoughts on “Tired Bones

  1. Nathan

    Time is simple. Just don’t mess with it and we’ll all be ok.

    • davidpj

      Well, given enough time, we might NOT all be OK, we’ll all be dead! Damn time, always moving and stuff.


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