How’s the serenity?

An apt title for two reasons. The first is fairly mundane. I did another round of OSCE exams for Pharmacy today, which went quite well, and finished around 3:30pm. I went back to the lab, checked the winds, and saw it’d been offshore all day and the waves would have been pumping. Damn! I ran home and drove down for the last hour of light. It wasn’t epic at Main Beach because the shape wasn’t great, but it was nice to sit out in the glassy grey ocean watching the sky light up over Surfers on sunset.

It certainly wasn’t as peaceful as the habitat of one little critter though… scientists have managed to coax a bacterium into growing which has been encased under 3km of ice in Greenland. Wow, that’s tough. Here’s the kicker: for 120,000 years! Amazing! Apparently its extremely small size enables it to move around in tiny veins in the ice to seek out nutrients (it probably moves quite slowly…). One of the big problems for bacteria’s ability to survive, radiation, would be fairly minimal at that depth, and the low temperature would also help preserve its DNA.
One cool set of microbes.

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