Two down, one to go

July has been a solid month for me – a birthday, a weekend road trip to Yamba, another weekend trip to Melbourne (backed up by a road trip to Ballina the following morning), and this weekend is Splendour in the Grass, as well as all the usual stuff! I was in Melbourne for the Green Steps 10th anniversary celebration, which was a networking and professional development day mixed with some fun and socialising. I’ll write up some of the most important things I took away from it in another post – there was a lot to consider and I’m bloody tired right now!

I just wanted to get down in writing that the surf we had today, even though it was far from epic, had one of the better dolphin experiences I’ve ever had. About an hour into the surf a big dolphin popped up out the back, and then a couple more followed it past on the way north. Shortly after, several more groups of 2-4 dolphins started lazily cruising past, sicking their heads up out of the murky water to check us out. They came very close and often there would be two or three groups within 5-10 metres either side of us, and due to the lack of visibility we couldn’t tell where they were going to pop up next! The procession continued and I’d guess about 40 dolphins in total went by over about 20 minutes. Throughout the rest of the session, small groups came back, sometimes circling around and surfing the waves, other times simply cruising past.

As we couldn’t dive under the water to see them, it wasn’t the best ‘dolphin surf’ I’ve had, but in terms of sheer quantity it takes the biscuit!

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