A world of tiny people

I was chatting to someone in the past couple of days (important details of the conversation, such as the identity of the other person, have slipped my mind) about photography and tilt-shift photography in particular. It’s a style of photography which holds an air of mystique for me, because I’ve never tried it out, and the results can be very striking. It’s based on the idea of perspective correction; essentially, movements in the lens enable the photo to be taken in a manner that can either correct or distort the ‘normal’ view. Keith Loutit has some particularly captivating time-lapse videos shot using tilt-shift, in which the perspective correction mimics the way we’d normally perceive a tiny world. His ‘Bathtub’ series tells some great short stories.

If you’re not sure what I mean (and haven’t already watched the videos linked above!), think about it this way: when you look at a beach, your perception focuses on the middle part of the scene, and the rest of the scene is distorted towards the edges. A normal camera has a similar view. A tilt-shift can give the impression that you’re looking straight at everything in the scene, all at once. The only time we get this in our normal lives is when we look at mini mock-ups, like in claymation cartoons or lego worlds. As a result, Vincent’s video series gives the uneasy impression of real scenes being a quirky, micro world.

It’s similar to the view from a plane or helicopter, only cooler.

Fingal Head from the air.

Fingal Head from the air.

I’m also moved to mention the absolutely glorious weather we’ve been having on the Gold Coast of late. Warm sunshine with that hazy evening yellow tinge… greatly enhanced by my seedy cheap sunnies which give everything an orange tint!

Using cheap sunnies as a filter gives some outlandish effects.

Using cheap sunnies as a filter gives some outlandish effects.

If only the waves were consistently as good as they have been this week, I’d just about call this place…

... heaven? Nah, it's way too crowded.

... heaven? Nah, it's way too crowded.

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