Ultra Deep Field in 3D

I’ve mentioned the image on this blog before, but there’s been an update in Hubble’s Ultra Deep Field project – using the ‘red shift’ of galaxies in the photo, astronomers devised a three dimensional simulation of the galaxies in the Deep Field image.

Stick with the video until the end, and take a few minutes to grasp the implications – this is a patch of sky as big as a grain of sand at arm’s length, yet it contains thousands of galaxies, each of which house hundreds of billions of stars. I struggle to comprehend the enormity of this; it feels as though I can only just scratch the surface of understanding just how huge the universe is, and our place in it. While astronomy can seem like blue sky (ha ha) science at times, it has the capacity to make my jaw drop like few other disciplines.

And next, on A Current Affair, there’s a scare item on the dangers of nanomaterials. One extreme to another, eh?

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2 thoughts on “Ultra Deep Field in 3D

  1. can i have the sensor for my dslr ? :D

    • davidpj

      You might need a trolley to carry it around! It would be epic in low light haha.


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