Wingnuts and Summer

Yesterday, some kind person left a copy of a lunatic propaganda brochure in the tea room at work. It was a LaRouche publication – if you haven’t heard of LaRouche, thats’ great. His grip on reality could best be described as tenuous (more realistically, as non-existent). The general LaRouche screed tends to hate on greenies or anyone vaguely on the left side of the political spectrum, though right wing people who sympathise or agree with evidence reality anything he doesn’t like are vilified too. There’s also a crazily overt Nazi obsession in there. One of the quotes highlighted in the four-page newspaper-style brochure was this:

“And so, the reality, is this: If you are a Greenie, you are a genocidalist, whether you are too stupid, or perhaps just too self-centred, to comprehend that provable reality, or not.”

Oh, sorry, what’s that? I was too busy polishing my AK-47 and digging a mass grave.

There’s no point trying to argue against LaRouche’s insane rants; what bothers me is that he has a following (and money to distribute pamplets!). US Congressman Barney Frank provided an excellent insight into how to deal with a ‘challenge’ from a LaRouche disciple at a press conference (the young woman was waving a doctored photo of Obama made up to look like Hitler… I told you there was a Nazi fetish).

That’s the kind of smackdown she deserved. It’s also the type of thing I’m going to need to accept if I go into a career communicating science: there is a proportion of people in the community whose ideas and worldview, for whatever reason, are so askew that any effort spent trying to convince them otherwise is wasted. It’s the far end of diminishing returns, if you like.

Now, to return to more usual programming, here’s some flower macros from this morning. It’s unseasonally warm (I’m sitting inside in shorts and a t-shirt and I’m hot!) – unfortunately there’s no waves about or I’d be at the beach, I’m sure.

I’d better get back to preparing for Green Steps in a fortnight’s time!

I like flowers. I guess that makes me German?

I like flowers. I guess that makes me German?

Stay calm... must... avoid... genocide...

Stay calm... must... avoid... genocide...

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3 thoughts on “Wingnuts and Summer

  1. the Grump

    Love the calming flowers, and Barney gets an A+ for aplomb!

  2. Chris

    Well, I really got lucky with La Roche, didn’t I. It is a little known fact that black skinned people loved hitler, and that warmth and esteem was reciprocated, thus the girl’s misunderstanding about Barack Obama’s political affiliations.

  3. Chris

    Sorry, La Rouche, or was it La Roach, as in the Cock variety.


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