Youth Decide Week

This week, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition is running a Youth Decide vote, which is a national event in which young people are encouraged to vote for the world they want to inherit (are you Aussie and under 30? Yes? Go vote now!). It’s a pretty exciting initiative and so far it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest per-capita youth climate events in the world, which is awesome.

I was invited to give a talk at Coombabah State High School’s event, which was exciting and a bit flattering, and I drew on my recent Green Steps experience to tell a little story about the life cycle of a Coke can and how we can reduce our carbon footprint through buying ‘greener’ – basically, using the way we spend our money to make companies change their practices to be more environmentally friendly. It seemed to go pretty well, and Coombabah’s Green Team and the staff who supported them deserve a lot of credit for organising it.

One message of the night stood out for me the most, though: my friend Naomi gave a short, informal chat about her role with Beachcare and other environmentally-related jobs, focusing on the importance of being passionate, putting your hand up, and doing things which matter to you. I found myself nodding and thinking just how right she is! Over the past few months, since I made the decision to move into science communication, I’ve been getting involved in so many positive projects. Some have been challenging or downright tough, and it’s cut into my spare time, but it’s great to be involved in a whole range of interesting things at work and in the community. Stoked on life!

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