Orders of Business

First up, I’ve decided that I need to give my blog a proper name. I called it David Robertson out of sheer uninspired laziness, which isn’t good enough. It’s not cool, like Panda’s Thumb, Pharyngula, Just A Theory or I love apples and lint. Leave a comment with your suggestions, I’m all ears! Bonus points if it has anything to do with surfing, science, photography or other stuff I post about.

Next, an interesting development in the tech world leaves me wondering what cameras might be able to do in the future. Current analog capture devices like CMOS and CCD chips require analog to digital conversion and are therefore relatively bulky. A straight digital sensor, which is essentially a ‘naked’ memory chip, is in very early testing, but may offer image capture with higher dynamic range at sizes an order of magnitude smaller than current chips.

Finally, there was a fire near my house today! Conditions are pretty atrocious for the poor firefighters all across the state – wednesday and today both had extreme conditions, with hot, dry winds from inland fanning dozens of fires.

Smoke on the Parkwood...

Smoke on the Parkwood...

Bonus: Plant eats animal!

Remind me not to get eaten by a plant.

Remind me not to get eaten by a plant.

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2 thoughts on “Orders of Business

  1. wanderingwonderer

    You used my name and didn’t give me credit?

    …eh. It’s cool.

    I obviously don’t know you well enough to try to help with a name for your blog, but I used two fun moments from the year prior to starting the blog and just ran with it. I still get weird looks from people, but it’s a great way to start a conversation and kind of give people an idea of my kind of humor.
    Just a thought…

    ~Kristin Nichole

  2. davidpj

    Hmmm, thanks for the advice (and sorry about the lack of linky… fixed it now! When I was typing it I planned to do it at the end, then I got excited and posted early…). That’s kind of how I came up with the blog url (A photo of me was mistakenly put into Griffith’s Discovery magazine for an unrelated article, with the caption “Mark Properjohn”, hence the PJ).

    I will think on it!


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