The time of year when it pours

Another eventful week has passed. The Varsity Challenge at Waterwatch was a success – we managed to co-ordinate 280+ year 8 students doing hands-on testing of local waterways. Waterwatch is a government-sponsored environmental and science education program, and I’ve been involved for the past few months. It’s a very different style of communication and teaching to what I’m used to, but I view it as a challenge and learning experience. For the students, too!

My evenings and weekends have been taken up plowing through well over 1000 pages of marking…

Death Pile

I hope I never have to do this again!

…which is now almost wrapped up. Looking on the bright side, I was impressed with the quality of the reports produced by the final year Environmental Scientists – the world should be safe in their hands ha ha! So that’s out of the way, just in time for me to get down to planning the Climate Change Adaptation course, eh?

I’ve also been for a couple of surfs for the first time in almost a month, which is a nice feeling. The first wave I took was an unexpected double-up which threw me over the falls with much more vigour than I’d have expected given the size and (lack of) quality of the surf. Or perhaps I just kooked it.

Night Clouds

A scattering of clouds over the Gold Coast at night...

On top of prepping another paper for submission at the ol’ day job, I’ve been practicing away on the guitar getting ready for Jam Night VI (Warning: clicking on that link will take you to a site administered by someone with waaaay too much time on their hands. That, or someone with aspirations in the PR industry), though I followed the advice of the regulars and picked a nice easy song as my main number, so there isn’t much to work on.

In the Yert

A rare glimpse into the highly secretive preparations for JNVI.

I’ve also got to pick a second song, and I’m tossing up between doing a novelty number or a more conservative crowd pleaser.

There you have it, my week in 350 words!

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