A new breed of superhero

The Invigilator: A fearless man who enforces the law of silence and clamps down on copying with an iron fist.

He'll accompany you to the bathroom if you're not careful...

That was me on Friday. It’s hard to fill 2 hours of invigilating – an already boring job was made worse by a 5am start and memories of fun waves from the morning. I tried my hand at counting minutes without watching a clock (good for my guitar timing, tap the foot twice per second) but (shockingly) lost interest after I was successful a couple of times. I then tried to think up some scenarios in which it might be a useful skill – if I was kidnapped, for example, and needed to tell someone how long I had been held hostage. How the mind wanders, eh?

It was then that I noticed a funny thing. The human brain picks up changes in a scene quite well, so each time a student looked up, my eyes would flick to the movement. As a student, I would find it a little disconcerting if, every time I looked up, the Invigilator was looking back at me. I eventually decided to try to ignore the head movements, until one particularly persistent head-nodder alerted me to the fact that I was standing in the way of them being able to see the information on the whiteboard. Oops.

Having just re-read the above, I guess you’re wondering why I bothered posting it. I’m in the middle of marking the stack of exams and my mind is numb, so doing something else is a kind of therapy. The fact that I was woken up at 3:37 by Tom to go for a wave doesn’t help – friends don’t get friends up 2 hours before the agreed wake-up time!

Anyway, I am slowly wading my way out of the mire of work I plunged into a few weeks back, and hopefully will be able to return to bringing you the bland photos and drivel wonderful content you expect here on a more regular basis!

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2 thoughts on “A new breed of superhero

  1. Hi Dave, Invigilating would have to be one of the most boring jobs I can imagine. Start a competition; “Describe the most boring job you have ever done in 100 words or less”…

    Any progress on the UK Applications?


  2. davidpj

    Hi Jimbo, sounds like it could be a funny competition… or possibly just a boring one! The UK applications are ticking over slowly. They’re closer the top of my priorities list now that various other tasks have been completed!


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