Stars shining brightly

Perhaps the title contains a little hyperbole, but there were some seriously mediocre good performances last night at Jam Night. The hearts of the audience were stolen by a haunting rendition of Hallelujiah; socks were knocked off in the soaring solos of Joker and the Thief; and the human guitar machine, Clemo, took out MVP for an array of rapid-fire fretwork.

From my perspective as one of several debutants, it was a hell of a lot of fun. Nerves kicked in halfway through my first song, The Way by Fastball, when I realised we were playing it much faster than usual so I’d need to be on the ball in the solo. I dropped a few notes here and there but didn’t make any major blunders, which was a relief. I was also the nominated photographer for the night, with 300 shots in the bag, a solid 100 of which were in the keeper to good range (at least half due to the ‘excellent’ singing faces on display). Here’s a couple for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to imagine the accompanying racket music when you’re looking at them. An album can be found here.

MVP Clemo showing off his axe.

Fat Bottomed Girls making the rockin' world go round.

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