Change Blindness

Have you ever heard of change blindness? No? Then check out the first half of this video before you read on…

How did you do? I was surprised; I picked up one change, and was feeling quite proud of that until I found out there were four!

For a bit more depth about change blindness, check out this page and the associated links. It raises several important points about our awareness of the world and the reliability – or lack of it – of our memory. Most compelling for me is the idea that relating a memory, by telling someone about it, will change the memory itself, allowing people to believe what is essentially a ‘false’ memory without even needing someone to interfere by suggestion or other forms of manipulation.

I find these quirks of human perception fascinating, and look forward to hearing about new research in the area addressing the underlying reasons of ‘change blindness’ effects, altered or false memories and how these cognitive processes differ between individuals. Maybe the surf wasn’t actually all that good in September; maybe I’ve just been telling people it was, and now I believe it myself!

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