More on the climate

While I find the body of data supporting human-induced global warming to be compelling, there are others who are not so sure. Stuart Nettle of Swellnet has put a different slant on the matter. It’s the idea that fossil fuels are finite and we need to move away from them at some point, so why not kill two birds with one stone? It’s not just two birds, though: comic artist Joel Pett explains what is on the table.

Bloody tree hugging gunslingers!

Think about that list next time someone expresses doubt about the necessity of acting on climate change: we’re not just stopping global warming, we’re making a change which is going to be necessary anyway, and by doing so improving living conditions worldwide! In almost any other endeavour, our leaders seek the right to claim they’re ahead of the curve or exemplifying best practice. Why, then do we hear about emissions targets ‘no more and no less’ than the rest of the world? Action is inevitable: why are we not taking strides to shift our economy from one which is bound to suffer under climate change legislation to one that can prosper?

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