The staggering enormity of the universe

This may be the most amazing six minutes of video I have seen.

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5 thoughts on “The staggering enormity of the universe

  1. amazing ! we are so nothing :)

  2. Very cool. I saw one like this when I was at primary school but it was cooler because it began inside someone’s blood vessels then zoomed out to show a mozzie sucking the blood out before the camera looked back at earth, our solar system, outer space etc. Before you ask, no it wasn’t in black and white, it was technicolour!

  3. jess

    So good!
    When I was little I had a book called ‘My Place In Space’ (Robin and Sally Hirst, 1990) which showed similar info in picture book form. It had amazing pictures – but not quite as amazing as this video!
    I feel so small…

  4. davidpj

    Yes, even the part zooming back in on the solar system makes Earth look like a dust mote, let alone the whole galaxy. Jimbo, I would love to see one all the way from the nano-scale, or even subatomic particles (strings?).

    The bit that makes my mind feel like snapping is the furthest-out view of our light sphere. To think that what we’re measuring from that distance is ‘the beginning of time’ is just… tough.

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