JJJ Hottest 100 2009

Voting has opened in JJJ’s Hottest 100 music poll. I just trimmed my list down to 10… it wasn’t a very hard year, there wasn’t a great deal of releases by artists I rate highly. Here’s my top 10:

Alexisonfire – Young Cardinals (It was this or The Northern)
Art Vs Science – Parlez Vous Francais? (Off the back of an excellent Splendour rendition and good film clip)
Brand New – At The Bottom (Brand New are one of my favourite bands, this song doesn’t do them great justice though)
Bronx, The – Past Lives (As close to pop as these guys get)
Florence & The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (Probably my new ‘favourite band’ of ’09)
Karnivool – Set Fire To The Hive (Sweet name for a song, quality album)
Muse – Uprising (I’m looking forward to the Big Day Out & this will go off live)
Paul Dempsey – Ramona Was A Waitress (Splendour live once again pulling through)
Philadelphia Grand Jury – The Good News (Not sure how this ended up on here actually, but it’s a fun song)
Phoenix – Lisztomania (Officially the #1 most stuck in my head song of the year)

There you have it… unlike some previous years it’s not a list I look at and think “Wow, they’re all awesome songs.” What were yours?

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2 thoughts on “JJJ Hottest 100 2009

  1. Hi,

    I totally agree with you that Parlez Vous Francais deserves a top 10 vote. I really think they have a change to go top 3 – seriously they toured like CRAZY this year and i dont know anyone *that doesnt* like them.

    Take a look at my list as a Youtube playlist – http://bit.ly/4VijT1

    I opted for 1901 instead of lisztomania, it was very close though. I am a big something for kate fan, but found no room for any of his latest album.

    • davidpj

      Nice list! I must say mine was more influenced by live sets past and present than necessarily song quality… I’m really not sure what is going to take out top spot though, I’d be surprised if AvS don’t get up there and Phoenix have taken JJJ by storm though they might have too many songs to secure #1. Should be a fun Australia Day!


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