The Time for Top Tens

So, this post is a collection of my 10 favourite photos of the year. It’s almost impossible to pick the 10 I really like the most – these are a selection of ones which either evoke fond memories or look good to me now. Some of them have appeared on my blog or Flickr account; if you want to see larger versions, click on the picture (if available). Enjoy!

An unknown surfer tucked in to a South Australian ledge early in the New Year.

A quirky view of an art installation in Melbourne's Docklands area.

Sometimes, vivid and crisp is the way to go. A tiny flower in the back garden.

A ferocious shorebreak unleashes its energy at The Wreck, Byron Bay.

Close-up photos of water drops is a particular fascination of mine. Here's a pearl on velvet...

The most inquisitive looking insect of all, the praying mantis - view large!

One of the cleanest, most fun little surfs of the year...

Melbourne's Remembrance Shrine - check it out large.

One of the year's bigger swells explodes over Angourie Point. Look at the tiny people!

Probably my favourite image of the year... a man and his dog in the wake of a huge storm.

2010 holds the promise of even more travel and exciting opportunities – I hope to make this collection look positively amateurish!

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6 thoughts on “The Time for Top Tens

  1. Really nice selection ! It brought me my motivation back, I’ll post my top 10 on my blog ;) !

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  3. The stormy dog wins.

  4. Chris Moffatt

    I loved the praying mantis, but the flower in the back garden just makes me feel glad to be part of this amazing, beautiful planet and all it has to offer. Well worth protecting such treasures.

  5. wanderingwonderer

    …can I have your camera? Mine won’t take pictures nearly that clean and crisp.

    And I’m probably gonna steal your idea and post some pictures on my blog. =)

    Hope you are enjoying the weather over there.

    • davidpj

      You’ll be lucky to prise my camera away from me until it is well and truly dead, I’m afraid! I’m glad you guys enjoyed the pictures. I really need to get back into my photography, it has died right off in the past couple of months!


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