Good Vibes

The past few years I’ve managed to usher in the new year with good times. In 2008, I surfed Main Beach at Byron a pumping 4’+, biggest I’ve seen it holding, on the back of a huge swell. Last year, I was down in SA, and we spent New Years at Pt Elliott, surfed some thick lumps at Knights, went to see The Touch play live and then cruised over to Yorkes and scored some fun ledge action.

This year wasn’t so flash in the wave department, but I was having a bash on New Year’s Day down near The Spit when a couple of dolphins bobbed past out the back. A few minutes later, I was paddling back out from a wave and another group of 4 dolphins – 2 adults and 2 young ones – appeared, slowly making their way towards me. Without any sign of fear, they cruised right up and drifted under my board, the closest an arm’s length away. They then lazily kept swimming while I followed along a few metres back, meeting up with another 5 or 6 dolphins. They hung around for a while and appeared again later in the session. It’s a humbling experience to get so close to wild dolphins, especially on the Gold Coast beaches – I’ve had plenty of similar experiences in South Australia, but it was a particularly nice way to welcome 2010.

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One thought on “Good Vibes

  1. wanderingwonderer

    Dolphins?! I’m so friggin’ jealous right now….


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