Weekend Warrior

What a weekend. Friday night was all about the cricket… I saw my first live hat-trick at the Qld vs. Tas Big Bash at the Gabba. I’m a recently converted cricket fan and I have to admit that, while nothing can compare to the drama of a good Test, T20 is very easy to handle live. It’s action packed enough that beer isn’t even required for fun times.

Saturday and Sunday were dominated by the beach. There’s been the first decent waves of the summer, so we hit the beach and scored some fun barrels and the best Straddie I’ve seen since September. Fingers crossed there’s more to come! I also went for a dive in the Seaway, which was OK, but far from the best conditions at the spot.

Challenge Pipe. The challenge is to dive under it.

Then, on Sunday night, my weeks of drafting and thinking and planning came to an anticlimax when I put my application in for Oxford’s Master of Science in Environmental Change and Management. It’s an extremely competitive course at an extremely competitive University, but I’ve put my best foot forward and it’s out of my hands now. I’d love the opportunity to study such a good course in such an amazing learning environment – I can’t get too ahead of myself though!

Now I need to get down to the task of my Imperial College application for a Master of Science Communication. Part of the process includes submitting an original science news story – I’ll be putting up a selection of my attempts here over the next few weeks and picking the best as my submission material. So if you’re a scientist reading this blog and want a tiny little bit of exposure for your work, hit me for a writeup!

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One thought on “Weekend Warrior

  1. wanderingwonderer

    Holy crap, that picture is gorgeous! I needs to go there…


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