GoPro HD… so near yet so far

I took my new GoPro camera out in the surf today for the first time. The waves were small and hollow but not very makeable so the action left something to be desired. Review of the clips was promising – I could only view them in 30fps, and I’m confident some of them will look cool in slow-mo – but my old video processing software can’t cope with HD video! So you’ll have to content yourself with these screengrabs until I get my hands on something to splice together the clips.

A golden hour view.
A fast, shallow shorey slab.
Sneaking through the section with a high line.

I’m frothing on the prospect of getting it out in genuinely good waves – the video quality is great for such a small, cheap camera, and I had no problems with it in the surf.

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4 thoughts on “GoPro HD… so near yet so far

  1. Excellent news, It looks really promising !

    If nothing wrong happens during my flight, I could provide a good workstation/advice/software for video editing. We have a longskate video project with mates and we have a 7D, a camileo HD, an Imac 27″ and soon a Go Pro HD, can’t wait to make the first videos ! Keep on surfing and see you soon :)

  2. Wow, that’s a sweet setup! The GoPro is lots of fun, the quality isn’t as good as a proper dedicated HD cam, but what can you expect for something that fits in the palm of your hand? Definitely good enough for internet or POV action though.

  3. Good Product

  4. oh my, these are magnificent


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