We ain’t in January anymore…

The calendar has been flipped to reveal the short month and my life seems to have just picked up in intensity. I’ve just had the green light for training another round of Green Steps training in a fortnight, so I will need to get my learning and planning cap firmly back on for that. That’s on top of finalising my application for Imperial College’s Master of Science Communication, plus learning my way around my shiny new Macbook Pro (and, of course, that little thing called ‘mah jerb’).

I’ll still be updating this blog – it’s too much fun to let it sit idle – but if there does happen to be an unexplained absence, don’t say I haven’t warned you!

Meanwhile, feel free to leave suggestions as to what you thing a laptop trackpad should be capable of. Personally I think that finger gestures should be able to close tabs. That would be useful.

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3 thoughts on “We ain’t in January anymore…

  1. M@

    Trackpads should be capable of sensing your aggitation with the computer… what with infra-red sensing, it should theoretically be able to determine heart rate, sweat formation etc. I should patent this before apple markits it for frig-illions.

  2. Nathan

    Anything is possible when you believe.

    BetterTouchTool – http://blog.boastr.net/?page_id=195

    Lets you really customise your gestures far beyond the built in ones. Even lets you make application specific ones. So you could potentially setup a firefox only gesture where a three finger swip right opens a new tab (probably Apple+T), and a three finger swipe left closes the current tab (probably Apple+W)

    Let me know if you need a hand installing and/or working it. The website it comes from is a bit light on instructions.

    The currently supported gestures are here for the trackpad and magic mouse:

    It supports any keyboard shortcut, and a few specialty actions which are listed in the picture.

  3. Hrm. Once I master the current basic gestures I will have to try it!

    M@, you’re on a winner there… the computer could tell you to calm down if you’re hitting the touchpad too far. Maybe a flashy graphic could pop up with a cool american voice to say “It could be worse… this could be a PC”, followed by a photo of a fat guy sitting on a dirty brown couch in a stained wifebeater.


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