In a little under a year of operation, I’ve clocked up 100 entries on my blog – about one post every 3 days since my first post last April. It’s been a good learning experience for me, and has allowed me to express and share my thoughts (and pictures, and videos…) with the wider world – and vice versa. As I shift my career from environmental chemistry research to environmental management or science communication – ideally, a fusion of the two – my ability to express my ideas in a meaningful and comprehensible way will be more important than ever.

I’m going to keep this post nice and short, because I’ve got plans for a big month ahead. In March, I’ll be doing my best to post daily. I’ve mapped out a few posts which will delve more deeply into topics I’m interested in, so I hope there will be some thought-provoking material. I’m also planning on dusting off my 40D which has been languishing in its case for much of the start of this year, so photo content will increase!

Oh, and thankyou! If no-one was reading this blog, I’d find it hard to keep going. While it’s a little odd throwing thoughts out into cyberspace without knowing who will read them, it’s always great to hear when someone found a post interesting. I welcome comments/criticism/suggestions/questions and look forward to keeping the blog rolling into the future!

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4 thoughts on “100

  1. Nathan

    Congrats on #100!

  2. M@


    • As soon as I posted this and saw the title, I thought I should have included the ‘kick-into-the-pit’ shot… maybe when I reach the real 300!

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