Ask, and ye shall receive

I was singing the praises of the season in my last post; this morning, I managed to capture a bit of the fun I was having, for your viewing pleasure!

It wasn’t as good as Monday afternoon – the shape wasn’t quite there, so I wasn’t making the waves as much – but I can’t complain after the junk summer dished up. Unfortunately, my GoPro fogged up about half an hour into the session, so I only got my first dozen or so waves, and the hit-rate wasn’t great – the really hollow ones were tricky to be in the spot for. Even still – woohoo!

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6 thoughts on “Ask, and ye shall receive

  1. Excellent, really mind refreshing !

  2. Yeah I was a bit surprised at the 480p, is it only during the export that everythings gets dirty ?

    Could sound silly, but for simple editing like this give a try to Imovie, export quality is no the best but still better :)

    • I hate the interface, and I can’t work out how to use it to slow down 60fps footage! It keeps telling me it won’t slow down HD footage, and then it resizes it and converts to 30fps, which looks crap when I slow it down.

      I think there are some fixes in Google, so I will check it out because I can’t keep going with my current workflow…

    • Oh, and guess what… I exported and uploaded at 360p, and what do you know, Youtube went and upsized it to 480p! That’s why the 480p looks like it was shot on a camera phone.

      • Youtube is BS, go VIMEO o/

        I never tried some slow motion with my 7D yet, so yes that might be a problem…


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