It’s all a numbers game

A delightfully appointed condo...

My last post featured some numbers from my blog, and then XKCD goes and posts about all kinds of numbers that can be gleaned from Google.

Continuing the numbers theme, a question popped into my head last night: is there a single number which returns the same number of search hits on Google as the number itself? I don’t think it’s possible for numbers under 5 digits, as there are zip codes to that length (not every 5 digit number would be a zip code, perhaps?) but I have a feeling it’d be possible to find 6 digit numbers fitting the bill. Of course, at this size number, the search returns a result to the nearest hundred most of the time. I wasn’t able to find one in my 10 minutes to trying – the closest I got was about 7, 000 hits off.

Then, I hit on a game: Start with a random number. Any number. Search for it in Google. Then, punch in the number of search results as a new search. Repeat 5 times, then post the most interesting link from the front page of search results!

Here’s mine: One amber condominium for sale, for a mere $2, 100, 000. Impulse buy, perhaps?

What did you get?

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6 thoughts on “It’s all a numbers game

  1. Will

    I got a Wikipedia entry on the number, 124000, which apparently has significance in Islamic theology….

  2. Sally

    I got ‘A Bible Prophecy Study on the 144 000 male, virgin Jews. Apparently the number 144000 is a ‘natural number’ and linked to several religions. Interesting.

  3. Kylie

    Finely divided metal-containing substances and process for the preparation thereof
    United States Patent 287000

  4. Heh… maybe I should have said to include which number you started with! I found a trend for lots of patents as well.

    This could easily be turned into a drinking game.


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