The days of our lives

Nothing smart to say on the ol’ blog tonight. I scored pumping surf today. We cruised south late in the morning, hoping to find some kind of wave but with low expectations. Pulled up at Kirra and watched a couple of bumpy swell lines drain off a shallow, wrapping sandbar and grind down the line. Realise there’s no one out. Grab boards, get out there. Fight the sweep, get barrelled. Repeat all afternoon. Lose track of time. Get out way later than planned, snap a few pics, watch an awesome sunset, drive home. Feel a bit guilty for missing a commitment… but life beckons.

My best wave was one like this... raced it for about 10 seconds then got slammed on dry sand. Click to view this shot big on black.

The Snapper circus, during our lunch break.

Getting away from the crowd at Kirra.

Swell lines rolling in under evening clouds...

Golden hour at Snapper Rocks.

I’ll be giving my proper camera a good workout tomorrow – there’s an exciting weekend on the cards!

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