I just submitted the paper I’ve been working on for the past 4 months. There’s likely to be a bit more work to do on it – peer review will make sure of that – but it’s a good feeling to send it off and hopefully get another chunk of knowledge out into the science-sphere.

The paper was regarding the optimisation of a ferricyanide-mediated rapid microbial toxicity assay (huh?). As I’ve touched on in previous posts about toxicity, it’s a tricky subject. Being able to quickly assess whether a sample, such as a wastewater sample, is likely to be toxic, is very useful (in the case of wastewater, for treatment plant operators!). Microbial assays offer an ethical, cheap, simple way of doing this, and we’ve developed a relatively sensitive, customisable technique. It’s still fairly early days yet, and there’s four of us actively working on aspects of its development and application, but it has a lot of promise.

But that’s done and dusted for the day… time for a faculty BBQ, some friday afternoon beers and beach volleyball!

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