OK…. go.

OK Go exploded to popularity based on their excellent treadmill video. They’ve managed to go viral again with another insane film clip for another song, “This too shall pass.” There are two versions, both of which are very cool: the machine one is jaw dropping but the field creatures are great too!

The music isn’t right up my alley, but ten out of ten for ambition in the clips!

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3 thoughts on “OK…. go.

  1. That is impressive! Is that really all one shot? If it is, the timing and coordination of the Rube Goldberg machine with both the guys in the band /and/ camera tracking is amazing. I wonder how many times they had to go through the sequence. If judging by the Mythbusters’ attempts at a similar, but shorter Goldberg Machine, I’d say “a lot”. (How many times can one take paint in the face? I’ve never had to consider that, even though I went through art school, strange.) Kudos to the people who thought it up and executed it! Tireless perfectionists (probably underpaid too).

    Thanks for sharing that! I had to fight the urge to comment *Aaaaaaaaaarrrrgggggh!* at the last post… oops, just did.


    • I’m not sure how legitimate it is, but I didn’t see any indication that it wasn’t a single shot. Judging by the paint splatters it wasn’t the first attempt. The bit that I find hardest to believe is the camera movements: even if the machine worked perfectly, actually capturing it would have been horrendously difficult. They have a Making Of series on youtube, with 20 or so specialists to help!

      • Thanks for pointing out the Making Of series. Mindshare rocks, erm literally! I didn’t realize there was a whole big-corporation-kerfuffle reason for the making of the second video (I can’t watch the first video due to EMI), but the adversity inspired creative genius(es)! Counting busted tvs, it appears this was the tenth attempt (with three spares lined up for the chop). Too bad the Making Of didn’t show the camera rig/crew.

        *Peanut butter, aaaaaarrrgh!* Sorry, wrong place again… I have to watch the OK Go video again to compensate for the other video atrocity.


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