I’ve been fortunate (?) enough to get a couple of my recent Flickr uploads rated highly on the official ‘Explore’ page, which uses an algorithm to pick out the photos which are ‘interesting’ from the squillions uploaded to Flickr each day. Because I’m not in the mood for writing tonight, here’s some thumbnails of photos I’ve had in ‘Explore’ and links to them, for your viewing pleasure.

See links below to access the Flickr page for each thumbnail.

1. The curtain falls, 2. Hectic Left, 3. Slab, 4. Fireball, 5. Good Memories, 6. Howling down the line, 7. Ocean Mist, 8. The Calm after the Storm, 9. Over the ledge, 10. Statue’s Gift, 11. Mutant, 12. Spot the Rider, 13. Isolation, 14. Iridescent, 15. Inside, 16. Shine

Explore seems a bit arbitrary, and these are all photos of the beach, but they evoke good memories for me – if you put yourself in the picture, where do you go?

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2 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. Pat

    I’ve seen better…


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