Keep this one in your pocket

A guide to dealing with first-contact extraterrestrials. How could you possibly go wrong?

I like that algebra and numbers will probably be the only way of communicating at first. I kind of want to have an encounter now, so I can show off just how smart we are. Except we’ll be intellectual midgets compared to any space-going travellers!

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2 thoughts on “Keep this one in your pocket

  1. Bush bunny

    LOL – If any ETs are capable of traversing space to visit us, ignoring space, time and travel but by some other way we haven’t even thought about. I think we can be assured there is a reason should they want to make contact… reason one….
    they know who we are and where we are…

    But if our maths and algebra and numbers are beyond most humans anyway, wouldn’t they realise this? Maybe our maths and algebra is
    archaic anyway in their world.

    I would suggest they will go pictorial. Send us
    photos of their planet and the inhabitants on it.

    Then a pic of them … I would suggest if these ET
    intelligent beings have been able to work it out
    where we are who we are they will have picked up our TV waves etc. ,

    I would suggest that they wouldn’t want to contact us. LOL!

    The planet is OK. However the human population
    is not surviving too well, should we have another
    ice age. Capitalism has been good for many,
    but is now becoming an adverse for some as the
    socialism ideology is not thriving.

    ET’s may have solved the problem somewhere
    along the piece… but unless they a space travellers who crash land on this planet (who are likely not to survive anyway) why would they wish to contact us? And I would like them to do this in someways, but … the powers to be would never let us know they had, unless they had some reason to benefit from it.

    More likely that in the far distant future humans
    have discovered time travel and come back to give us warnings about various things. And by doing this we alter the future anyway. All so much Sci-Fi I think it would be too hard for modern day humans to comprehend.

    [[Snipped a sideswipe at climate change and scientists – davidpj]]

    I think any ET in touch with our planet’s political
    agendas, will leave us alone until we have fathomed it out for the next at least 100 years.

    What do you think?

  2. Other than the bit about climate change, you’ve made some interesting points! If it’s first contact, they have probably monitored us well enough to know how to communicate with us on a basic level. They would have had a clue when they flew past all of our satellites!

    So like you say it’s probably a safe assumption to think they’re aware of a lot more about us than we are about them. And if they do know a lot about us, you’re right, they’ll probably wait until we get our act together as a race before they decide to intervene.

    It’s quite possible that their solution to pollution and overconsumption would just be to travel to a new planet – people probably would if they could!


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