Consumerism with the click of a button

Well, not entirely. I went to some shops in real life too. In preparation for my upcoming enormous road trip of a lifetime (AKA a series of moderate road trips which, when aggregated, will be quite large and span 4 months) I have been gathering the appropriate equipment. Taking pride of place is a brand spanking new swag, which will keep me warm and dry for the South Coast winter: my only previous swag experience was during a drizzly, miserable couple of days along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, and I became convinced that life in a swag was better than life outside.

It was cold and windy. Honest! So the sun came out once or twice...

Seriously though: how cool is modern society? I thought up a shopping list at work, emailed it to myself, came home tonight and in the space of half an hour had items flying to me from halfway across the globe. And yes, I tried to minimise the number of parcels to minimise shipping. And no, they’re not coming from Europe, so they won’t crash somewhere along the way.

Now, for a complete change of topic: how do you know if an expert is credible? This primer from Mike at Watching the Deniers is a good start: it’s mostly about climate change, but if you ever hear something from an ‘expert’ which sounds a bit fishy, and you want to know more, his guide will help you get to the bottom of the matter!

P.S. A new WordPress feature, called ‘surprise me’ (or ‘fun mode’) has been introduced, so I’m trying it out. If you notice anything silly (or awesome), blame it.

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One thought on “Consumerism with the click of a button

  1. beautiful photo!!!
    I can feel the rush of the waves and wind in my hair


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