Boosting and dimming

Random archival photo of the day, #3: A bodyboarder doing a solid invert at Straddie, September, 2008.

Float like a butterfly, land in the sea.

If there was a dictionary illustrated with pictures from my life, that day at Straddie would be next to ‘frustration’. I rolled my ankle quite badly playing basketball the week before, so I was about as mobile in the surf as a rubber tyre. The waves were up there with the best I’ve ever seen on the Gold Coast. I’d just got my new telephoto lens, so I was restricted to shooting from the beach and watching in distress. It was cranking all day – at least I got a few pictures. Such is life, eh?

In other photographic news, check out these photos from major landmarks during this year’s Earth Hour. Some are spectacular, especially the Canadian office buildings. For me, though, it raises a huge question: how many of those lights are necessary? Many are external lights simply to make landmark buildings look nice. Many of the lights in office buildings, and streetlights and other such useful sources stay on in the photos.

Rather than being an inspirational campaign to raise awareness and save power, I see an annual energy saving of 0.03% for the lights which went off (not even considering those which stayed on) and people patting each other on the back, without addressing the actual problem being campaigned against. The Petronas Twin Towers, for example, or the YAS Marina Hotel: how much power do the thousands of external lights chew up every night? How much is it to manufacture and replace the globes? What benefit is gained from having those lights on a majority of the night, over, say, having a couple of ‘light-ups’ per night for tourists and the like?

Maybe it’s a good thing. Rather than taking copious, garish lighting for granted, we get to see that pretty lights are, well, pretty lights. We don’t need them. They can go off. All it takes is the will…

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One thought on “Boosting and dimming

  1. that is a phenomenal website showing the major landmarks with their lights off… it just comes down to lazyness in the end doesn’t it.. Someone has to be paid to switch em off i think.
    Have a safe trip =)


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