Live fast, live long

“The more I live, the less I fear death. What I really fear is not fuckin’ living!” – Tim Barry, Punk Revival Tour, 22/04/10.

Tim Barry, Chuck Ragan, Frank Turner and Head Wobble Guy raising hell. Photo by Spicton.

The Punk Revival Tour was unique compared to any gig I’ve been to. Four artists, two support musicians, and a lack of set structure, boundaries or rules. Each of the singers had a loose half hour set, in which other musicians would randomly join in for a song, chorus or just a harmonica solo, with big group songs bracketing the night. It was great fun and it’s good to see some strong storytelling and songwriting, as well as good music!

Tim’s quote hit a chord with me; I’ve noticed that, when returning after a long stint of travel, not much seems to have changed. Sure, people are living their lives and doing things, but in the last couple of months, I’ve not done much to write home about. There’s nothing I’d talk about in a pub in ten years time. I haven’t taken on the world, I haven’t made a big difference in someone’s life, I haven’t made much of a mark.

That’s not necessarily bad – I’ve still been working, helping people, learning and plotting my year. However, my impending 5 months of holiday are hanging over my head like a snowfield begging for an avalanche… the freedom to do what I want, when I want, for months, then to launch myself halfway around the world to learn about my new career. The freedom to unplug from a computer and phone and just hike up a mountain for a day. The freedom to sit and play guitar until my fingers are too sore to keep going. The freedom to travel from the far north to the far south and everywhere in between.

Random Archive Photo #4: Sunset at Point Turton, Yorke Peninsula, 20 Dec 2008.

What would you do with 5 months of freedom?

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