Risky Business

Inside the hole, looking out.

I managed to snap a few pictures in the surf this morning which I am stoked with – I’ll post more later in the week. I am slowly getting the hang of shooting fisheye, though I need to learn to aim more effectively to get rider linkups! It’s all good fun.

In other news, I took over the world today after a lengthy Risk campaign, though it wasn’t without its dangerous moments. Fortunately, careful diplomacy and alliances prevailed (until my allies gallantly sacrificed themselves to weaken the enemy and I could wipe out all parties).

Random Archive Photo #6: A Rarotongan mountain in the background... November 2007.

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2 thoughts on “Risky Business

  1. Risk is such a cooool game. I remember all the Week-ends playing with my family. I’m surprised people still play it !

    • Yeah, it’s been around for so long, but it’s so good. I used to play lots of strategy games, board/tabletop and PC, but this one is definitely good because of the human interaction side of things. Ruthlessly scheming and negotiating through the whole game. And in the end, co-operation paid off for me!


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