Goodbye, Griffith

Today was my last day at Griffith. Having studied and worked in the School of Environment for the past 6 years I’ve to know so many great people, and I’ll miss the feeling of being a part of a place of learning and everything positive that comes with it. It’s given me a strong start to my career and hopefully a bunch of friends I’ll have for life! I hope that I can keep in touch with both the staff and other alumni over the years.

That time when we invited Kevin to visit Griffith.

Of course, I’m not going to be out of the university system for too long: Imperial beckons, and in the meantime, the big wide world. With Kevin Rudd backing down on climate change legislation until the next election cycle, I feel I’ve made a good decision: I can’t sit and watch major problems, for which a scientific approach offers the best understanding and possible solutions, be decided on the whim of polls. I hope the contribution I can make will be a significant one, but even if it’s not, at least I’ll have tried.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Griffith

  1. Good on you. i just hope you can steer clear of “awareness” programs that don’t actually counter any waste of resources.

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