My recent life has been dominated by to-do lists and jobs which seem to drag on longer than they should. My mind is trying to switch into holiday mode, while there’s still a lot to be done! Today I’ve started an inventory of everything I’ll need on the road, as well as arranging my new Nanuk hardcase for my photographic gear. That sounds like a trivial task, but I spent a good couple of hours getting the shapes of the foam exactly right.

Unfortunately it has eaten into my time, so my blogging’s been a bit lightweight of late. I’m going to try to write up a couple of better posts which will pop up while I’m away, to keep things ticking over.

All the effort will be worth it in a couple of days, when I hit the road in search of these…

I like the way the colours in this shot are all in lines.

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2 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. M@

    Were you considering packing your surfboard?

    • The first leg of my travels will be road tripping in NSW and SA, with surfing the primary objective! It’s not until later stages that I’ll have to make the difficult choice of whether or not I pack my board.


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