Starting out cold

Beginning a road trip with a cold isn’t a good idea. Cold sweats and a runny nose make a swag feel very claustrophobic. My body seems to have fought off the bug though, and that aside, ROAL (Roadtrip Of A Lifetime) has kicked off well. Serendipity has intervened on my behalf wave-wise; cracking Straddie pushed my departure back by half a day, so I only got as far as Byron on the first day, scoring mellow Tallows in the arvo. It was a cool, starry night as the south change pushed in…

I felt really small sitting alone, waiting for this shot to expose.

A surprise south swell pushed in that night and Broken Head had some punchy lefts to temporarily clear my head in the morning.

Not a common sight here, but I'll take it!

A lazy stroll around the headland and I was in the car heading south again.

If I hadn't hurt my skimming-finger, the pebbles on this beach would have made for an epic session...

Sunset over Shark Bay...

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2 thoughts on “Starting out cold

  1. I like the first shot, and I know what you’re talking about, these long minutes before seeing the shot …

  2. Chris

    That first wave is beautiful. (How did you hurt your skimming finger?) Trips sounds just what you imagined.


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