What we worked for*

Feeling the surge of speed from the wedge takeoff, then threading a fast line through a deep, hollow barrel wrapping down the line next to the breakwall, seeing a peace sign hanging into the pit from the shoulder as the last backdoor section throws nice and wide for a clean exit and a little invert bowl to top things off…

Putting the memory of a good wave into words just makes it sound a bit wanky. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words!

The best ones linked up through at least two or three sections like this!

There were no takers for the beachie, but it wasn't half bad.

Regular visits from the local dolphin pod kept us on our toes.

Did I say 'us'? Six in the morning, two in the afternoon. I am having crowd withdrawal symptoms. These include uncontrollable cheering and waving my arms like a maniac.

Chasing down a roo with only a 10-22mm lens is tricky.

A quiet one with the chair, car and swag... my three best friends of a night.

My only gripe of the day was a brief GoPro malfunction that meant the two best waves of the second session didn’t record… I swear one day I will get it working in good waves. Until next time, my vicariously road tripping online friends!

* 10 points every time someone successfully identifies a post title I’ve ripped off a song.

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3 thoughts on “What we worked for*

  1. John

    I reckon you have definitely got something “AGAINST ME,” sending shots of sweet, uncrowded waves like that! Where are you now? Try and describe the waves from a dolphin’s point of view…….

  2. Bush bunny

    I don’t wish to receive any more surfers comments
    thank you.

    Please remove me from your email list. Climate
    change yes.

    • Bush bunny, I’m pretty sure I can’t control your subscription, you manage subscribing/unsubscribing yourself.

      And don’t worry so much about climate change… it’s not like the government is taking action anyway, right?


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