New England, better than the Old

Over the weekend I ventured up into New England National Park. Great place. Here’s a teaser of what’s to come after I get home, process my photos and reflect on what happened…

High, cold and early.

Sunburst in the morning fog over the trusty Corolla...

Did I say cold? I meant freezing.

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5 thoughts on “New England, better than the Old

  1. Make sure you check out Oxley Wild Rivers NP.. Ebor Falls is well worth the photo op…

  2. the first one is fabulous <3

  3. M@

    :p The sacred Toyota.

  4. James: Oops, I kind of drove past that turnoff. In my defence I was kind of buggered and only up there for one night. Might check it out when I head back down that way in a couple of weeks!

    I haven’t pored over all the pictures yet but I have a lay day tomorrow before I head off to SA so I should get some of the shots processed and lined up as posts for the next week or so!

  5. Steve O

    Love your work Dravid.

    #2 FTW


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