Where the ground is ice and the sky is fire

Australia’s a place where extremes can clash. At New England National Park, I was able to witness a broad morning vista explode into oranges and yellows, while crunching frosty grass underfoot. It’s not a place for the city dweller, but it’s hospitable enough that I survived, for one night at least. Rattling on at length about how cold it was, or how incredible it was to witness sunrise above the fog layer, or the eerie and total pre-dawn silence, wouldn’t do it justice. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

It might not be the best photo, but this one brings the memories back to me most strongly...

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By the way, if anyone ever tells you to take the Eastern Dorrigo Way, they want to kill you. It’s a torturous, winding, narrow dirt track, with loose gravel and potholes galore, packed with blind corners and dropoffs on the side of the road. I averaged about 30km/h for a good 45 minutes of driving and when I finally was clear of the claustrophobic, rainforest-clad trail, I parked my car on some grass and stood outside for ten minutes vowing never to take that road again. I have some video which I might splice together when I get a chance: let it be a lesson to you!

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4 thoughts on “Where the ground is ice and the sky is fire

  1. Wow!!! Amazing photos! I must see this for myself some day..

  2. Chris

    Those photos were breathtaking. I had no idea you had been to such a beautiful place. Such a pleasure to see photographs without waves.

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