The sheer scale of the universe is stunning. Standing at the top of a bluff, with an unobstructed view in every direction and a vast field of stars above me, I struggled to contemplate the scope of what I was seeing. So I took a photo of it.

Ships on the horizon; Arrawarra on the right; a small monument, my shadowy figure and the Milky Way. Click for the BIG version; it's better!

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5 thoughts on “Trillions

  1. Did you fall over while taking this photo? Hhaha nah seriously this is amazing I would’ve spun out…

    • I wasn’t near the camera, so nah, I managed to keep my feet! I spent most of the time leaning on the monument, on the side protected from the breeze.

  2. M@

    How long was the exposure? 10 minutes?

  3. nice 487sec shot mate ! That’s the kinda image i digg a lot ;)

  4. Yup, it was 8 and a bit minutes. I didn’t have a watch or timer so I just had to guess about 10 minutes. I’d just taken a different one which was about 13 minutes and was getting impatient – I’ll post the other one at some point too! I wish I’d let this one go for a couple of minutes more.

    Spending an hour on a headland is a bit lonely though in the dark…


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