Not Computer Models

Disagreeing with climate science is so 6 months ago, right? Unfortunately, there’s still political characters (in this case, ex-political) like Nick Minchin spouting off on Q and A, Tony Abbott saying it was warmer when Jesus was kickin’, and the Rudd government is refusing to go to an election with climate as a major issue (apparently they used up their environmental credibility in the ’07 election).

One of the most commonly repeated criticisms of climate science is the reliance on computer models. The image that springs to mind of a ‘computer model’ for many is a simulation showing a pretty picture based on what someone wants it to show. In actual fact, climate science doesn’t all depend on computer models, and even with simple models which use computers to do the grunt work, as Tamino explains at Open Mind. The article seems a bit dense at first, but it’s not actually heavy going and it shows well how we know that human-induced greenhouse emissions are responsible for recent warming.

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2 thoughts on “Not Computer Models

  1. Hmmm.. Minchin and Abbot are two of my least favorite pollies (not to say I like any) – as I guess you tell from what I’ve previously said about them both.
    I’ve tried to play down models a lot – I’ve seen enough from my work to give or take the climate models… I got a little of criticism (rightfully too) for how I write about them, but as you say, climate science is not based on models – the reality is all around us.

  2. hehe thank you


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