The end of the first chapter

The sun sets on Woody Point on the final night of my first stint of road tripping… click the image for a larger version (it’s pretty!).

Bright on the left, dark on the right, fire in the middle.

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4 thoughts on “The end of the first chapter

  1. M@

    Woody Point Redcliff?
    – Can you tag the pics with locations :) or put up some sort of journey tracker.

  2. Bush bunny

    Can you unsubscribe me please. No offence.

  3. Thanks Matt, I’m actually working on a customised Google Map which I will be using to track and index my photos and blogs. However I haven’t had time to set it up properly yet… next time I get a day with the net I hope to get it live! And no, Woody Point near Iluka!

    Bush Bunny. No, I actually can’t unsubscribe you. I have no control over who has subscribed to me. If you have a wordpress blog you can remove your subscription via your dashboard. And no offence taken; if I could help you here, I would!


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