Back from the wilderness

I spent this week living it up on Yorke Peninsula… getting waves, fishing, paddling around the glassy waters on a waveski and revelling in the remoteness. Now I just need to catch up and process the 400 odd photos from the week… and the leftovers from the previous stint too! So much living, so little time for the internet!

Negotiating the surprisingly awkward drop at a Yorkes ledge. I ran into the bald guy on the inside while getting barrelled...

The Shack. 'Nuff said. It's bigger on the inside.

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9 thoughts on “Back from the wilderness

  1. alex

    living the absolute dream bro

  2. So roomy in that shack… and with cold bakebeans and bread just tops it off hey Dave, hmm yummo

  3. woohoo can’t wait to see the photos!

  4. So you were down this way? The Yorke Peninsula is a great place! Some of my mates used to go surfing out that way, but I’ve never made it that far for the waves (seems pretty weak in comparison).

    • Hah, yeah, it’s quite a mission if you’re just going for a surf. Good waves if it’s on though. I love Yorkes, my family visited several times a year since I can remember and the whole place just feels like a bit of a playground for me. Beautiful too, in a non-traditional kind of way.

      • That’s good to hear! SA’s got some great little pockets that often overlooked.
        I’ve heard that the waves are good (I nearly went on a surfing / trip a little over a year ago with the group) but I also hear the sharks are big too. The furthest I’ve made it was Goolwa and the last time I went there I nearly stood on stingray! lol I’m a bit of a pansy like that – although you can’t help but get hooked after you catch your first wave.

  5. Heh, funny you should mention stingrays – I was walking over the reef at Chinaman’s and almost trod on a fiddler ray!

    Goolwa’s always got a wave, but quality wise, the further away from Adelaide the better I’m afraid!

  6. Yeah, I nearly trod on this one as well – I was heading back out and then something kicked all this sand around and all I saw looked like a fin and I thought the worst.. but it was only the stingrays wing. lol
    I found the few times I’ve been to Goolwa that the waves have been messy. The waves closer to Victor are bigger. South beach is pretty close to Adelaide and usually has small clean waves.
    I’ve always wanted to try the standing paddle board – from what I’ve seen it’s pretty good regardless of the waves.
    That said, I can safely say that I’m just an amateur :-D

    • Stingrays can be a bit of a worry – I had a big one glide under me at Waitpinga once when I was surfing alone. Needless to say, a large dark shadow in the water below me wasn’t welcome at all. I’ve got a couple more wildlife stories from my trip, but I haven’t had a chance to write them down yet!


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