A ferocious cumulonimbus reared over the Peninsula, its huge column reaching kilometres into the sky. Parking itself on the only escape route, the storm battered the travellers as hard as it could as they gripped their steering wheel with white knuckles and drove through the downpour. Fortunately, modern technology meant the travellers didn’t get wet, and were able to take some cool photos. Here they are.

From the tip of the Cape, the travellers eyed their adversary...

Muahahaha, I have blocked your escape... oh, you have windscreen wipers. Dang.

The top image is the view from the south of the storm, with the bottom from the north after we’d driven through it. Last but not least, I did a 10-photo stitch to produce a Stormorama, with the looming clouds on one side and the idyllic Gulf waters on the other. Check it!

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2 thoughts on “Stormorama

  1. Looks pretty sick ! right place at the right moment :)

  2. alex

    Wicked pano of the storm and bay man. I wonder if only we got a lucky break how much silly money we’d be making off pressing a simple button.


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