Friendly can be scary

I haven’t had much time to digest the events of the past couple of weeks – not in front of a computer, anyway. Rather than give a blow by blow of what’s been going on (I’m sure you’d love that), I will stick to a couple of the more unique stories of the high seas.

South Oz was a week packed with the stuff good memories are made of – family, friends, food and far-flung fun (and far fewer ‘f’ words than that sentence). I managed to tick a new surf break off the list – Chinaman’s, which I’d been keen on for a long time. While it wasn’t epic, the warm, sunny day and dolphins frolicking in the clear water made for a nice day.

Menacingly balancing on its nose, waiting for a surfer to scare...

The dolphins were out in force again when we returned to surf a different spot. It’d just been Johnno and I surfing, but he went in and I was sitting alone, looking up at the towering cliffs and surveying the expanse of the ocean with the usual slight undercurrent of nerves.

I pushed in for a wave but it didn’t shape up well over the rock ledge. I had to duckdive the one behind it, and as I popped up, I saw a grey fin not two metres to my right, shooting through the water straight at me. A minor heart attack and five slow seconds later, a pair of dolphins surfaced to my left. Heart racing, I stuck my head under as they cruised around me, checking me out.

It’s a funny feeling – a flash of realisation about the situation, followed by the frozen moments waiting for some confirmation that the encounter’s going to be a good one, not a fatal one. After that, the magic returns, but it’s always a reminder to me that I’m out of my element!

It’s a good thing dolphins are playful and charismatic, otherwise I’d be naming them as oceanic nuisance #1…

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One thought on “Friendly can be scary

  1. Scott Lawski

    Jump in the Ocean and rejoin the food chain on a much lower tier.
    I think I recall discussing just such things several months back. I’m glad to hear that it turned out to be a happy encounter!


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