In which I placate the aviphiles

I recently had my first blog request in quite some time – more bird pictures, please! I’m a slave to requests, so here they are, with some dirty terrestrial animals thrown in for good measure.

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It was kind of odd, actually – the second time I pitched the tent at Pretty Beach, I had the full welcoming parade. The ol’ wallaby watched me setting up, then as soon as I’d pegged out the tent, five lorikeets came over and started marauding around, swinging on the fly ropes, investigating inside my car and generally completely ignoring me while I tried to shoo them away. As quickly as they arrived, they flew off again, after which the roo mob moved in. I was sitting reading by my car with four roos scattered around within about a 3m radius, just chewing away at the grass and occasionally looking at me with mild consternation.

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2 thoughts on “In which I placate the aviphiles

  1. Chris

    Love these shots, particularly the pollen on the lorikeet beak.

  2. The pelican one is pretty cool :) I like the low light.


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