Jam Night VII – Part 2

I am on the road up to Cape York right now, but that doesn’t stop me from phantom-posting the rest of the Jam Night shots! Once again, a selection of performers and audience…

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3 thoughts on “Jam Night VII – Part 2

  1. Liam

    Hey man
    Smashing costume you have there.
    Getting into the musicsss now i see!? Good work good work.
    Keep an eye out for Black Orchid and it’s keyboardist Liam touring an east coast of a continent near you soon!!! Nothing locked in but highly likely!

    • Hey mate, nothing too serious here but it is good fun to get up on stage and make some noise! I’ll keep an eye out for Black Orchid – would be sweet to catch up if you tour, but I won’t be in Australia much longer (heading to London in Sept) so you’d better make it quickly!

      • Anonymous

        London! Ok, yeah, not likely to be touring the country before then. We only just got a new singer, so will need time to get her up to speed!
        What’s more likely, however, is that my band tours over to London. We have a Europe tour on our to do list after album release, not sure if London would be included. But hey, if you felt like popping over to France! The world’s small enough, we’ll catch up soon!


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