Hook In

I’m up in Far North Queensland right now, logging another set of adventures on my exploration of Australia’s East Coast. Never fear, though – I’ve got a bunch of posts in line to keep things ticking over while I’m away from the internet. Most will be photos and anecdotes from past adventures; here’s the first!

The view from the top. Click it to see the full size!

Click for the big view!

Tom and I visited the Whitsundays in late 2008. We went out to Hook Island, and because it was the end of the peak season, the resort was almost deserted. It was a good change of pace from the bustling Airlie Beach, and we got in some good snorkelling and hiking. This day, we set off with some water and food to climb the mountain behind the resort.

We followed the coast to a ridge and started climbing. There were no paths, so we fought through the bush, scaling boulders and struggling through the undergrowth. It was muggy and hard going, with no end in sight. Finally, we came to a rocky outcrop. Clambering up the back of it, we stepped out onto a platform to a magnificent view of Whitsunday Island. To our left we could see down to the Hook Island Resort, with its observatory and white sandy beach. It was a stunning payoff to a tough trek!

A sweat-soaked shirt and a sapphire view.

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