Birthday in Bamaga

It’ll be my birthday tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll be up in the far, far north by then – Bamaga beckons! The Cape has been an epic adventure so far, with enough stories in the past 5 days to fill a month-long trip. Hundreds of photos, lots of dramas, amazing, diverse scenery… it’s going to take a lot of catching up when I get back to civilisation!
Not much in the way of ‘net access, though, and I’m all out of stored blogs, so don’t expect to see much here for the next week. Later!

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5 thoughts on “Birthday in Bamaga

  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow David! :)

  2. awesome to hear, have a happy birthday!

  3. chris

    Have a great birthday, Dave. Love you and miss you. PS Less navel gazing and more solid content (and great photos) makes your blogs worthwhile. It doesn’t matter who reads them if you think that they are intrinsically valuable, to you and potential readers. The ‘cute, furry creatures’ reading audience is well catered for.

    • Hmmm… I have been navel gazing a bit recently, it’s a selfish temptation lying in wait for any blogger! I actually do have ‘net access up here, so unlike my previous prediction, I’ll be able to make my first real ‘cape trip’ updates soon! Only 700 photos and a pile of videos to process in the meantime…

  4. I was in Cooloola for the past week w/o internet so Happy Birthday Dave ! I’ll read your 3 following articles later tonight , hope everything is fine mate !


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