I haven’t forgotten you

Oops… a week without a blog post! That’s the first time in a while. Normal transmission of photos, rambling and links to people smarter than me will resume from now. Not only that, I can promise a (sort of) awesome video for the first time… keep an eye out tomorrow! In the meantime, let’s get wet.

Red dust on the Peninsula Developmental Road...

OK, that might have been a little suggestive. We skipped Elliot and Fruit Bat Falls on the way north due to time constraints, so it was in the third week of the trip before we stopped anywhere that had decent swimming opportunities. As a surfer, I was going up the wall – very little physical activity in general (bracing against corrugations doesn’t count) and, of course, no waves. So, when we stopped at Elliot falls and saw clear water with a gorgeous set of waterfalls and deep swimming holes, I was straight on in. Best of all, it’s crocodile free!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s hard to describe just how much fun I had (and all the other boys who jumped in for a swim). The falls cascade into a U-shaped hole, which means water and spray fly in every direction. Getting washed around and tumbled by the waterfalls, and jumping off the rocks, were just the release I needed after all the dust and car time. Thanks, Elliot River!

12-shot stitch of Fruit Bat Falls - click to enlarge!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the Cape York Adventure video… featuring video and more pictures of these very waterfalls!

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