Isaac Newton got it right (mostly)

This post has almost nothing to do with Isaac Newton, and everything to do with waterfalls. The tenuous link is, of course, gravity. Here’s a few shots of the waterfalls of the Oxley Highway doing their thang.

I must insist you click through to the full resolution, but apologise that the middle shot of the 12-shot stitch was blurred! Gah... kooked it.

Apsley Falls is stunning, a massive gorge with a tall cascade plunging down into some pools. The water then runs under a landslide…

The right hand side of this gorge collapsed in 1987.

Tia Falls was hard to shoot due to a fine mist coating the camera lens every 3 seconds...

So that’s the waterfalls. I’ve also been reading Science: A History, by John Gribbin, which described some lesser known facts about Sir Newton. Turns out (paraphrased for effect) he was a bit of an egomaniac who, while brilliant, attempted to rewrite history after one of his key competitors died (Hooke), spent much of his life studying alchemy, made most of his contributions to science by the age of 30, and might have been gay. Pretty good at maths and physics, too.

The things you learn, eh?

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